I am a student studying public relations, advertising, and marketing at Drake University. I am a one-of-a-kind, goal-oriented public relations enthusiast ready for whatever challenges lie ahead. It is easy for me to adapt to situations, and I know how to read a room. Making personal connections with others is a passion of mine, and I use my interpersonal skills to do so. I am highly motivated and love working in creative settings. My life goal is to consistently help others both in my professional and personal life.


Since coming to Drake, I have had the opportunity to work as the Marketing Intern for UnityPoint Health Foundation. My responsibilities include assisting in the development and presentation of collateral both print and digital for the hospitals and programs the Foundation supports. I communicate our story with current and potential donors who financially support the hospitals. In addition to my experience with UnityPoint Health Foundation, I also am the Public Relations and Social Media chair for the organization Campus Fellowship. It is a goal of mine to reach out to students of the organization and encourage them to come to various events. My duties entail making posting schedules on Excel, writing effective captions that capture other students’ attention, analyzing data based on how many interactions the posts receive, and creating graphic designs. Since having started this position, our social media has gained new followers and the posts reach more students than what they used to. 

Personal Code of Ethics

Ethics are important in the world of marketing, public relations, and advertising. It is easy to make things look and sound amazing. But what is the truth behind what we sell? Are we selling for profit? Or are we selling to enhance the betterment of the consumers’ lives? Personally, I only want to help people live their best lives. To me, ethics means sharing truth and marketing well to those whose lives will be better with the product I am selling.

Philosophical Statement

My objectives for enhancing the lives of of others includes three main values that I believe make my role in marketing worthwhile. To make the lives of others better, I make personal connections using my interpersonal skills, I remain authentic as to not seem fake, and I hold myself accountable for providing the best quality product and service to consumers.


  • Allowing others to feel heard, seen, and valued
  • Strengthening relationships
  • Emphasizing the importance of community
  • Working with others in harmony


  • Being true to my personality and values
  • Being honest with myself and others
  • Empowering others to be who they are
  • Being transparent and real when communicating with others


  • Fulfilling my obligation to make things better
  • Being answerable for my actions
  • Pursuing excellence
  • Being open with others about my goals

Fun Facts

In addition to my professional life and education, I enjoy doing a lot of other hobbies! I love reading, learning and listening to music, singing, listening to podcasts, and playing with my dogs.